Soul stealing Music

The lady on the tele said 40 is 35

Pull over the car strap yourself and let me drive

Under take a route on the soles cover the backs of people who died on the same block you at

My hella vision’s jacked

The television ram-sacked thoughts into pretty diamonds and thick women

Who knew that fast money and long prison

Sentences’ mentioned when talking about Gangster ism

Now try and make decisions

When most guides blinded, desiring the pleasure and what they could get from you

Zealots for the page, keep your guard on the stage cause these niggas with the pens wanna put they tip on you

Sip from the supple fruit and flip on you

Spit seeds at the time of need and split on you

Hot blood heating into plasma grasp the definition of a man out a book and go after

Seeking legacy with a son produce bastards epidemy of arrogance but not a new chapter

Just a deeper hole

The beat got a depth so the words complex but let the concept grow

And we could let the love walk on by

Staggering love wondering how it all died

Managing times handling all the hardships

Forgiving all the pain but the heart won’t discard isht..

And in America that’s the market

Branded on your favorite CD or game cartridge

Load it an ipod, sit back while I lax

Lost about a 20 sell four nickels to get back

All intentioned to lose your sense

Transfixed in beat circuits that titillate tints

Motivate stints of passion reminder sores

Riffed vibrations of action reverbing pores

Can’t remember what you here for, therefore turn off the music

Let the message hit your ear more.

Don’t focus on the conduit

I’m tryna paint a picture but the art is in the music

It’s nothing but a prose, help you think of your goals

So don’t surrender your mind and let the music steal your soul

No Trouble at all

Try to get to a place where

I don’t cause no trouble

Casual talk, leave it for the birds before the sunrise

It’s no trouble at all

The rise and fall of nations began with a thought and was silenced with the tongue

Battered with hands and after no more words have been spoken

Can you comprehend the loss

It’s no trouble at all and no fault of my own

If I walk a like a ghost when I roam

Like a character to catch him have to follow his shadow

Till it disappears in the dim lights piercing like arrows

To the ground no sound of footsteps in the dark

Walk closer with no words, hear the beat of two hearts

In sync due to the fact that they’re on the same stay

But while you’re seeking me out I’m trying to get away

And Cause no trouble at all

Because the rise and fall of nations began with a thought and a call

So many talk without thinking at all

And while I’m not trying to talk, you’re actions are calling for war

Brain’s Epiphany



Brain’s Epiphany


I don’t do much but make plans

I could dominate the world by night cover lands

Covered with sand first

Analyze and backtrack, scope out the whole view

Take a days work but by sunrise I own you

I bust

From the scene like the dreams of that firefly song

Like the sounds out the whips that I’m carried on

Speeding through the visions of light

The quickest marathon

Avoiding the reflections in sound

My voice a baritone

The sweetest tenor with no… sugar in the tank

Rather hit you with the back of the toilet

Visit your sink

Leave the waste on the walls

Let you use five senses

Faintest taste of the awe but a tempting sensation

Who relates as hearts racing during twilight

Mess around and wake up with a fiend over my light

If you hesitate to the peep the scheme then you’re out of sight

Out of mind

Till the next time and the next paradigm

Love for women – Walk on by

Pay no attention to the talk though the flow’s precious

The dream is nothing but a scheme in getting you naked

Respect it, no lust is worth your trust of chastity

So even when you passing see their eyes uttering blasphemy

Long and lavishly, dogs coveting human food

Speaking in stutters because the tongue is fiending for you

Salivating with a smile to keep your heart racing

Dart pass corner stores fearing more would start chasing

All the attention you would want Corner Hollywood

Stop and paparazzi watch and wait what’s really good?

Any hood every girl got an entourage feeling a like star or prisoners within your outer walls

Daughter or Mother from sisters and brothers

Well may be they should lower their gaze and maybe you should cover

I learned anatomy on the block, my teachers were Levis and fruit on the loom

These young girls bloom the scent of heaven ain’t in her hair that’s just Sassoon

The smell of sweet sex in the air or what you’d assume

Young boys too small to answer the call and stand up

Be a man respect the womb of those who carried us

And the ones who marry us the home of our sons

And daughters looking for good men out of a barrel of bums

Looking for hoes so don’t carry yourself like one

Predisposed rated second class wherever you from

Tainted soul with the lust of those stares

Crush and no care of hard labor born from all the words in your ear

Bear hard labor from new souls so soon to appear

And no good explanation why the daddy ain’t there

Lost in despair but still thrush on

Son disgusted and quick to bear arms due howls at his mom

Victim of your outer physique

Crowded by creeps

Intellect is shrouded in sweets

Obsessions of beasts

Walk on baby cause ain’t no love there

It’s just lust here, thumb beaters just looking for drum gear

Hit you with conversation about God but none fear

So don’t stop addicted to style that frauds wear

The Wakeup Project


Thanks a lot to the economic demand
How could you understand?
People looking for work
Global reach is the span
You ask the government why they under one eyed command
So pick up your eye phone try to raise your sound scan
Who’s pounding the pavement?
Out to make a firm stand
To get turned down to hire ain’t part of the program
But wire the bank a billi so they could divide the millies in bonuses
A loan is just hard to receive but really
It’s policy and them back taxes ain’t paid by AIG and Goldman Sachs it’s such a shame but how should we react it’s madness
This is madness
But expected cause people love the gossip in the stories but never checked it’s validity
So in the city they stop and frisk
While politicians on no fly lists stock a grip
And poly with sex offenders, killers and lobbyists
While prodigies are watching dopefiends hock and spit
And Cop a fix
Now watch these flicks of fantasy and schemes
The one eye on the xbox powering up your dreams
Every where you turn per angle of 360 degrees
You can hear the call to keep the majority on their knees
It sucks but you love it
So pass the plate with the duckets and don’t forget to add your two cents
Anchors on the news analyzing politics and their words don’t make sense
Sort of like loans too good to be true but the fine print
Never was read and rather glossed over instead
And all of the words in this poem might go over your head
But the flow and the tone got the one eye red
So console your consoul because play time’s dead

Method to the Madness

Differing opinions and most the public is clueless

‘Bout the time how we’re living and what the truth is

Somewhat conflicting ideas seeming so similar

Until its broken down into sects and its unfamiliar

Expected a couple of threats, confiscated techs – firearms, firebombs at your door step, keep a carry-on

All of this confusion would stop for seeds to carry on the ideology of mad men till we’re barely gone

Hear the storm coming the media flash

Meteors crash, beating your feet to bleep at federal agents who’s feeding you trash

Sheep being herded by a blind man straight off a cliff

But he was smart enough to jump ship

Geico pays for property lost but as the season arrives for hurricanes see them jack up the cost

Add a little fine print, a little is all that’s needed

To satisfy the greed just a long as you believe

It’s the method to the madness


Speak the truth to power

Got the mass living and dying to make a dollar

Waste of time as the economy crash twice all that’s saved for tomorrow

Is worthless while time is getting closer to the hour

Shutting down the government, people scared where the ends meet

Unlike he who pierced out of his window looking for white sheets

Burning crosses transformed to hedge fund million dollar bosses

Remove residents from their homes and then some

Mob scenes pay homage to Willie Lynch and Jimmy Crows are filled with young brothers just dying to make sense

Out of crime, or rhyming, talking fast, flashing a tool

From slavery we’re about  three generations removed.

Bipartisan politics and lobbying henchmen

Fighting against each other in the name of Americans

But ask the average person if Congress is representing them


So what’s the games for?

Who’s making a change?

If we break it down will our conclusions all be the same?

It’s the method to the madness


What is there to write?

Method to the madness

Student life’s expensive, cheap ends are tragic

Lost in the traffic, herding cash cows

Lifetime of loans the payback is now

Desperation sets backs lined to the wall

Gun smoke, bail to jail and life’s stalled

Sun still rises, rain still falls

Voice, church bells or horns the prayer’s called

Any type of structure they set you in

Freedom is a state of mind, place that you’re headed in

Living in a plague and belief is the medicine

Open up your heart to be more than you’ve ever been

Scared of the unknown, let the world be what it is

We all have to die, but God still lives.

Animation – Rhymes -Voice Memo Mixtape Trial – Re-Invent It

There are two animations I uploaded on YouTube I’m a bit self-conscious about. Sometimes I get worried if the message is received. God knows best and He knows my intention – So here is one

Comment, let me know what you think!

Soon the New Day

Stranded in a hazy day or lost in the darkest night

Reaching for shaded reflection confused for the light

Things no longer what they seem to be

So whenever I dream to be I have to interject some type of looming adversity

Purposefully but unconsciously predicting that for any sort of reward some type of work must be given

Nothing’s for free and truly even punishment is earned

A struggle is necessary to give worth to what you learn

In this thinking man’s life many thinking men fail

If to prosper is to work to not to end up in hell

Then what are most men doing?

If this is true success, take the days as they come and do your best with the stress

Would be smart to take heed from the start

But then you gotta separate the weed from the stems and seeds

And the muskly smell would sure to be quick to deceive

Till you’re smoked and you burn cause didn’t comprehend what you read

Paranoia sets it sight under artificial light

Apocalyptic cataclysm in your vision every night

Under trance in the theater

The witch has weaved its magic

And the heart is left encaptured to the madness and it’s tragic

As it manifests within the actions or lack there to

For to uphold true morals in the dark is a taboo

So the spark becomes a flame and the fire’s gone insane

And the prayer’s left again but the body won’t complain

Till it’s told to

Expose to the inroads to the abode of those who refused to let their souls grow

Mirrored those who supposed they had the know and the way pressed play

As we discover more ruins today

Sitting in a tunnel vision

For God is full submission

So what happens is we turn our backs from backwards television

Sent from ghoulish opposition

To keep the mind in prison

Population passed a million starting with the youngest children

Revolution is established with no violent demographics

Just refuse to buy the antennas that’s transmitting the magic

The machine is off its axis

And astrological phenomena is now explained with the truth yet again

So now when you see a shooting star you dare not make a wish

But rather think of devils stealing and the star’s a punishment

And that’s just one argument

But the argument’s intent is to remember GOD is watching all the world developments

It’s such a comforting feeling knowing nothing’s getting missed

So get your shoulder off your back and set to work some righteousness

Invite and just realize that there’s a blessing in the mist

So say the words, do the work and be grateful that you exist

Poet submission

All the drug dealing in the world

Couldn’t build enough wealth to ransom your soul held captive.

There’s nothing like the feeling of standing amongst the slaves

One wouldn’t feel pity if they knew to whom they pray

How could one be confused, if they looked towards the sky?

The Glorious Sun’s light piercing still through closed eyes

Johnny coming lately it’s meeting you when you rise

As it sets the night visitor over you as you lie

If all of this is fact that all can see from land’s view

Can one be certain nothing above’s looking at you?

Organized stellar patterns like war battle positions

The Sun and the slave are alike they rise and fall in submission

Like Clockwork, so in-sync one could set a watch to it

And times flees as we breathe the rest of our lives through it

Palms squeeze the handle the fingers respond to it as the trigger set in motion a bang for the crowd to move with

Or move from

So even if The Big Bang is a mentionable

Of how we came about common sense would logically conclude it was intentional


What if from the stars, at which we gazed, something gazed back?

Whose sight would be more sharper? (Us or them)

Objects so far in the distance, their grandeur a dream and a mystery

From which view would you have to look harder?

And we,

Starting from a seed with a tail

Surviving in a sticky type of fluid

Can’t transform, unless it’s lodged in a foreign womb

Where it can resume but what allows us then to push through it?

Us, with such wisdom of The How,

But why?

From whose explanation you’d rely? (Us or them)

Living on a land mass covered by gas of vast temperatures

What sets the stars different in the sky?

And from this mass vision we arrive to watch shapes formed from on high

Alive as bipeds from the semen deep inside

How can one belie?

How can one deny?

How many planted seeds didn’t form before they died?

And out of those which did, how did you and I survive?

Watching movements in the sky as the times passes by

Can one still have a question of where this all was derived

With the last gasp of air just exhaled?

Or is it just a fluke fear story for psychological territory that makes a slave’s skin crawl when observing mankind placing their souls up for sale?

Well as for me, and all that I can see but especially for what’s beyond that

While others may laugh in dismay or cringe in anger its okay because God’s supreme rule has always been a fact.

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Slave and Messenger (S.A.W)