Lost influences written on May 29th, 2007

Pulling me from this way to that way

Grounded…I can answer if you ask me

Focus…take notice of hearings of cause

I just want to do away with my flaws

Seen you come in, Saw when you left

Heard what you said in your dreams when you slept

The thought of you kept me working hard till I wept

The best I could do is what God permits as my best

Relax your feet my dear and catch up with your rest

I’m so sorry, Came home and made such a mess

Don’t want to a burden, unless it brings from you the best.

Understanding Repentance

The Cheese stands alone…  a whistle in the wind

Off into space just to find himself again

Eyelids droop down, shoulders droop lower

In the midst of the mind is a war-torn soldier

Has the line been crossed? Has a side been chosen?

Yes I choose God privately and in the open

The spinal taps are straightened, a broken heart beats again

Striving to success with a zeal to beat defeat again

Till the end… to die on the Truth

Leaving off the dangers set to hang me by a noose

Rearranging all priorities, fulfilling the commands set by God

The capacity for patience just expands with the pains and the aches

But the growing’s so worth it

Reaching for perfection though I’ll never be perfect

Back slide for temptations but the fire won’t lapse

So just learn from creation and don’t ever turn back

React from a wrong with right seek forgiveness

Pride will subside and Allah bears witness

To liars who believe they deceive when they cover

The hatred in their hearts with their words but what’s smothered is themselves

And the Truth is

They perceive not

Humble hearts seek forgiveness and foil evil plots

Prayer is protection from indecency

Heals the wounds of a sickness part of the Peace to be.


He was impressed with his shadow as it rose in the light

But he thought twice feeling insecure about his sight

What was seen by his pride was against the act of being

So he asked forgiveness for feeling high esteemed in his scenes

Of prostration… forgiveness for falling prey to the temptation

Of thinking he was worthy of some praise cause he prays

But the praise is only for The One to whom he prays

And only God knows who’s on the path and who’s astray

And the position and the path on the final day

Realizing death has yet to step through the gates

Barriers been penetrated so deceased is the state

As death departs and the angels have souls set to take

The sure reality’s reached and from that no escape

No coup or secret rendevous of which one can partake

Refuge is in the possession of Whom decides your fate

Pray that Mercy is bestowed to save souls from being abased

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Seeing through the eyes of the slaves

When you pass mark the graves

They’re the home of the brave though their history was razed

Like Building 7 I’m shedding light by pointing out the Spade

And reading the Bill of Rights to see if true progress was made

In the past century ashes blown in the wind

Few gain recognition due to the tone of the skin

Those that capture the eyes

Know their foes have honed in

If the apes don’t rise

They’ll impose once again

Raise funds for the poor though it’s stored with foreign

Adversaries some countries are not observed as sovreign

And their doing it again

New Accounts get established

But the famished remain hungry

So what happened to the money?

Take advantage of a natural disaster to win

Passing by unmarked graves as the past meets the future again

Heart Evaluation pt.2

Ever feel the heart beat till it burst into joy

Beaming light from the inside out

As if when the sun sets it resides in your chest

And you rise to express gratitude right before it comes out

Though as the day streams into time

There are fiends on the lines of a war set to cover your heart

As they fall in despair cause the Light of God never disappears

They prepare to talk you into the dark

So keep a sharp sight of the road and refuse to divulge

Anytime for play off of the path

Cause time for bliss is at the end where it never ends

So settling may be at the expense of your last

And as the years pass there are times in between

Where it seems like the world has entangled the soul

Though silent voices rise

To curb the desires before they lie

Between you and the ultimate goal

The mind feels weak,

Immersed in sin until it reeks

As the heart feels pimped with each pulse of blood it beats

A lump of flesh eaten alive

So if the eyes were windows to the soul

Look within to see a heart not revived

But good deeds serve as CPR’s exercise

As the mind gets strong and spiritually certified

So Glory be to God for He is The One who guides

Alternates night and day and makes the dead come alive

Turns day into night

So until that day He decides to take your life

Guard the heart, strive to keep the mind right

Heart Evaluation

Words written into books unseen
Night’s passage in this life
And God sees all things
Your perception is the view from your heart
So if it’s stained by self oppression
Delusion is your view from the start
Lord knows best
I make no jest
Of stumbling into the dark until you hold no breath
Established as a work of art until you make mis-steps
Let the devil give advice on what you should do next
Excuse my stress
Ignorant men shed no tears
Seen as brave but they shy away from upmost fears
Cowering hearts smothered in pride
Poisoned with shame
Actions of rage replace what intellects can’t explain
Stuck in the game of saving your face
Spite the nose till the cameras close on the scars leaving the trace
Verbal spar with the stars set a barrage to lessen the space
But suicide don’t agree with escape
And your eyes don’t agree with the scope
Rather rise from the ashes of despair, humbled by hope
Leave the lies where they lie in the camouflage
As the truth screams out your name like a battle cry
Never satisfied till you die and your heaven bound
Seeing higher realms while the head bows on the ground