Heart Evaluation pt.2

Ever feel the heart beat till it burst into joy

Beaming light from the inside out

As if when the sun sets it resides in your chest

And you rise to express gratitude right before it comes out

Though as the day streams into time

There are fiends on the lines of a war set to cover your heart

As they fall in despair cause the Light of God never disappears

They prepare to talk you into the dark

So keep a sharp sight of the road and refuse to divulge

Anytime for play off of the path

Cause time for bliss is at the end where it never ends

So settling may be at the expense of your last

And as the years pass there are times in between

Where it seems like the world has entangled the soul

Though silent voices rise

To curb the desires before they lie

Between you and the ultimate goal

The mind feels weak,

Immersed in sin until it reeks

As the heart feels pimped with each pulse of blood it beats

A lump of flesh eaten alive

So if the eyes were windows to the soul

Look within to see a heart not revived

But good deeds serve as CPR’s exercise

As the mind gets strong and spiritually certified

So Glory be to God for He is The One who guides

Alternates night and day and makes the dead come alive

Turns day into night

So until that day He decides to take your life

Guard the heart, strive to keep the mind right

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