An Idol for 365 days

What if the computer was an idol

And the internet a spell

Incantation to limit your propensity to tell

The difference between falsehood and truth

Suspending imaginations by extending fabrications of proof

That all gained is surely a necessity to life

Though all seen and heard on the screen isn’t right

Figure how 20 years ago it wasn’t a concern

Now it’s absolutely needed for any child to learn

So in libraries there are more screens than books

So much so libraries close and used as hooks

In Public related speeches to indoctrinate a demograph

Demagogues sway the mass with incendiary epitaphs

Of how things use to be

So now forsake freedom to ensure your secure- it-tee

Or enslave yourself to the screen to truly be free

Conjure your lusts on the screen and see all you can see

Such a mirage with conditioned air the screen is the sky

And the outside world is abnormal to the naked eye