Dirty Scoundrel

Suffering suckertash tunes are groomed for the looney bin

Microcosm of the global problems so where do you fit in?

Obscure human germ

Squirm as the world changes

Societal relief leaves most brainless

Chained to playstations with life lines aimless

What remains hard to explain and when I do labeled insane

Strike a pose the flash mean I’m destined for change

Show my class, rear view and a fake name

In the brain of John Michael (Malco) V.I.

C.  all H.ell break loose if we can rise up a knee high

Breaking out of Arkham’s Asylum with B.I to handle to take back the night like a vandal

Dirty scoundrel flows proceed round you

Knowledge being kept in global security councils

Ignorance swept the land no surprise if it found you

Bow down in front you, sneak attack and it mount you

The passion’s irrational

So they sedate you with screens of dreams you never asked for

Lean physiques in silk sheets looking bashful

Strength on top of strength so blink and you’ll have more

Harness the spell that took you far till you reach death

Open your eyes to see Hell at your next step

There’s no going backwards unless you alive to turn back

In that case, switch up your view and start where you’re at


A mindset where rage is the norm
Setup a pedigree
Common intelligence got children committing felonies
Morality’s a mistake in logic unless it double profit
Or carry the object of lustful pleasures inside it
A wistful of attention
And flesh full of attraction
A desire for power will put it all into action
Men seize fellow mortals with a harrowing vile touch
And covet their possessions in manners more unjust
Thrusted into oppression because of a belief
Leave contorted faces with a mind to destroy the meek
But before you weep
Recognize the Hearer right before you speak a sigh or a wail
God’s Plan never fails
And today such talk is like a seldom heard tale
But when death reaches the throat all doubts are dispelled
A seizing with a terrible clutch
And it’s getting tighter
Leave strains in the screams of the most Furious fighters
Yes there’s no escape and this life ends where that begins
So with every breath left I seek to make amends
And pray for mercy and pardoning for evil I tend
To be inclined to
Mindful of the deeds that I send
Upon the slipstream of time
Recorded so I’m accountable
Like past nations destroyed who’s power seemed insurmountable
Folded by devastation such amazing events
These natural disasters and exactly why they are sent
Calms a changing mindset where rage is the norm
And from the pedigree
Every nation has an ending that’s quite unsettling
But as an individual observing the trend
I’ll mind my manners and be grateful all the way to the end

For Poets

Intentionally muffled and mumbling on the street

Many verses made for saying but 7 stay on repeat

A performer will perform bonded to those whom he meets

Enslaved as a jackal,whatever gets me off the streets


Gets me out the cold drinking Dunkacheenoes

Window shopping pea coats in the winter like I need those

Even if it means

If it means If it means

What I’m saying violates my being

Oh my sense of being!

Step down off the camel with a foot caught in the stirrup

Sacrifice your soul swaying while gold is enveloped

What’s told is embellished

Natural charisma make a dirty lie sweet and somethings lovers want to cherish

Place it on a door… for one and all to relish

Donations’ implored… but too humble to sell it

Take it how it is  piece of me like a horcrux

Twisted and diseased lets see what else can be coughed up

‘fore we’re all struck awe struck by the end of days

Swaying every which’a way

Repeating what sinners say

Relieving the guilt with a call to do it anyway

Mumbling these 7 verses keep em’ on repeat

Directed to any poet spewing verses so replete

In nothing but just idle talk and vanities of the street

Pondering these 7 verses to keep a guard on my speech



The Seven Verses*

Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend?

They descend upon every sinful liar.

They pass on what is heard, and most of them are liars.

And the poets – [only] the deviators follow them;

Do you not see that in every valley they roam

And that they say what they do not do? –

Except those [poets] who believe and do righteous deeds and remember Allah often and defend [the Muslims] after they were wronged. And those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.

* Surah Shu’ara verses 221-227



Aaaah! Zombies!!!!

Footsteps in the dark

Poetry in the closet

Stumble onto nothing and watch how it fills the pockets

Sink into confusion

Speaking but making nothing clear

Consuming the brain and leaving apocalyptic stares

No profit is shared besides crumbs or these table scraps

So knowledge is rare but gimmicks found where they catch you at

Bad manners are scrounged and mimicked

The truth seems bound and dismembered

So lies prevail, The unworthy contender…

Championed Fifteen minutes of fame

Applause sound like aahs and the tissue’s exchanged

As flesh is ravaged at best furthermore obscene

Rapid eye movements but the vision is no dream

If the people aren’t sleep walking  then they’re dead

And the creature reanimating flesh ate their heads

So save yourself from the plague

Pray before you bed

And lock the gateway from their world to your stead

The Introduction

In the Name of God The Most Gracious

Who made His Earth spacious and from death gave us life

The Most Merciful Lord who created darkness and light

The hearts and the ears and the eyes giving sight

Every single praise is for God The Majestic

King of all Kings

Master, Creator of all things

Peace and Blessings upon His Messengers of whom we make no distinction

Despite what one may be thinking

And Of those Messengers the Last Nabi

Prophet Muhammad may God’s peace and blessings on him be

Who may get flack as the modern world dissects the past

But as the “Good Book” says that last will be first and the first last

And  no compulsion or coercion needed at all.

There was a break in the series of Prophets and His was the final call

And as Solomon raised his hands after the Temple was built

Pronouncing there was no partner with God and He had no ilk

Anything even worthy to be put in the same class

For everything is from God

From the First to the Last

From Birth to Earthly ash

The destination has been set

And no thing in the world could have one escape death

Except one who made death, God

The only to remain

Well acquainted with the finest mysteries

Only one to explain

How man begets man

From two beings comes a third

And if He wanted otherwise

He need only say a word

So one shouldn’t be surprised

As I lower my eyes

As our ancestors bowed their heads

And from the ground we rise

As one refrain’s from talk

To exam one’s speech hard

As if who would you fear to hear?

The only reply is God


Reference of Solomon alayhi wa salaam: Bible: Kings 1 Chapter 8:22-23



“A Hero ain’t nothing but a Sandwich”

A Hero or a Model?

Only heroes I know socialize with  lettuce,tomatoes,cheese and turkey

Preferably heated, I don’t trust them dudes behind the counter

Wearing the same gloves they touch your money with for meat slicing

Only Heroine I know is dope.

And no that’s not a complement.

If  I had to choose, I’d probably refuse

But if stuck between a rock and a hard place…

I’d be a model

Only stupid people think models are mannequins

Skinny minnies on magazine covers

Big Booty hoes with no clothes on videos

Noooo!!!!! Not-tat-tall!!!

If those are models…

Well lets just say desires have consequences that only tabloids articulate

Models are ideals,

Standards… the bar to overcome

The stars when reaching to the moon

The real high that makes my heart swoon

Definately models over heroes

In my home there are no models

And heroes are  good entrees`

Washed away with Champagne Cola

I want to walk in some shoes that I can actually fit

Or at least adjust to my feet!

Knowing that someone did it before makes my task half complete

That’s what models do.

Give me something to aspire to.

Heroes are for chumps

They don’t fill you up, they just taste good.

And if you don’t watch them guys over the counter with their nasty hands

Man! You’ll get sick.

Kids need models

How else can we break the mold?

Not to be like him or her

But to know we can reach our goals.

A hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich.

And the only heroine I know is a bag of dope.