Taper it to your pen, Post it on the screen

At all times God is aware of all things

Careful with each stroke


What the eyes should foresee when they read or turn on the t.v

The whispers one whispers that one’s self denies

Is very well known for there’s no place to hide

The All Seeing

Gives and takes sight from the eyes

Truth that sheds light upon the darkest of lies

No power or strength in creation can intimidate

From God all power and authority originates

And remains with…Doesn’t decrease

Ever Living a.k.a. Never will cease

The Well Acquainted, The All Knowing, He heard it first

Encompassing everything including the heavens and earth

The Greatest Witness able to do whatever He wills

Trustworthy Lord whose promise will be fulfilled

So with this free will…Mark the time you kill

for when time is up

Our deeds will be revealed

The Monsters on Maple Street

Backwards world where covered women are scrutinized

Terrified onlookers with googley eyes group up and sigh

No surprise fall in line to another lie

Criticize while praising males wed to other guys

Females stage sit ins…envision

Ignorant Afghani Muslim men where you be livin’

Cutting off the nose of they women, to stake claim

But that wasn’t sanctioned by God or in God’s name

Reminiscent of “Burly Black Men” with long tails

Light up a cross, hang em on trees,  get no jail

But pass go and victims pay for your troubles

Loot homes as they burn to ground from above you

Fresh off the boat? “Welcome to the Struggle”

In the interest of trust clutch your purse and remember God love you

Now take a swift kick to the rear

Lose your inhibitions and live like heathen for fear Death could be near

And in a panic all ties are cut

Imprison the men and let the women work on the stroll and strut

Self control for what? When souls whisper to us

The only thing real is time and what we touch

Time is relative, so the hands lust everything

No backsees grasp the world and let heaven ring

Such an insatiable thirst for power

But Imma just walk on by and wait for the Hour

The Run Down (pt.1 maybe)

Politicians shaping policy to help themselves

The average worker runs in place with no push to propel

Countries crumble on credit indebted at the soul

Oppressing average citizens increasing what they owe

To someone they don’t know

No sleeping on the stroll

The darkness spread across the sky no need to look in holes

So as long as you know

I fell into a slip stream

Impacted by truths in my paranoia-filled dreams


Irreligious hold vigils in mockery of deen

Repeating to themselves who’s on Siratul Mustaqeen

Create religious factions hurling people out the fold

Exclusive rights to what they like or  think they know

Beloved scholars patiently encourage good adaab

Students of knowledge grasp threads to maintain what they have

Trying to keep a balance ‘tween rigidity and ease

Struggling with the soul in hopes our Gracious Lord be pleased (I’m with them inshaAllah)



Twisting heads to see who said YarHarmukAllah

The sun still shines as  it rises from the east

No reason why I can’t suspend disappointment with peace

The favors of Allah are all around for you to see

As I praise somebody prays Mercy for me




Such a Walk To Remember – Submitted for Lyrical Art Sahaba Edition

Such a walk to remember

The footsteps into Jannah

Saved from being enslaved by a man in Jahannam

Allah kulli shay in Qadir

Even under the weight of those pebbles

He was certain God could hear

Was certain that He intervened

As He screamed aHad

Enemies of Allah know what I mean

Allah is One and from that One we all begun

Chose an Abyssinian slave to call muslims to pray

The Polythiests beat him and tortured him for a time

But never did he flee from the faith safe in Islam

Dragged by the noose on his neck through Makkan streets

Stones pressed onto his chest in the desert heat

And all of that allotted to Lat and Uzza’s defeat

As Bilal uttered aHad and freed by Abu Bakr Siddiq

Defended by the Rasool

If you dare use the color of his skin to be rude

What state is your faith in?

And love you all the same

From revenge of that matter he refrained

And only to Allah and His Messenger he complained

In hopes for reward from His Lord

After each Wudu

With that Tuhur he prays as much as Allah would want him to.

Muhajirun, Mujahidun, Muminun


Calling the Adhan on the roof of Masjidal Haram

Collecting Sadaqah with the Prophet (S.A.W)

Slayer of Umaiyah bin Khalaf but fighting in the Cause of Allah was the topic

From my brother Bilal I learned no worries at all

In success Alhamdulillah and if not then Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

Black Star before Mos Def and Kweli

A chief manumitted by Abu Bakr Siddiq

Mua’dthin in the night

So you continue eat

During Ramadan Suhur’s but observe the words he speaks

Dedicated to Allah, may he sins be forgiven

Since his liberation enslavement to Allah his mission

After the Death the Prophet (S.A.W.) his desire was Jihad

Life, Death, Sacrifice all fisibilillah


Laid in a grave in Damascus

May Allah make it spacious and bless Bilal the Mua’adhin