Caesar’s Money

Caesar’s money
Cost of being a savage in a city where the rich get richer the Poor get ravaged
Local girls groomed and developed just to be ravished
Nullify the senses with dope prescribed by the addicts
Miseducation of youths will spawn fools who feud over ostentatious titles that none will amount to
But out of the many one will refuse to be used

Tool up with knowledge and wisdom despite the news

Clued in on generations chalked as statistics
Raise eyebrows when razing egos with swiftness

Leave Caesars money with Caesar’s face in Caesar’s pocket
Caesar’s economics was built to make Caesar profit
Caesar’s fall lies in waiting Like Lions on the prowl
Claim greater victory
Prepare for forever now

Living in the World

This is for the 9-6 workers 12 hour shift non exempt
Over 40 hours spent at work and only pay the rent
Hit the ground running outta college with degrees
Turn you back round to the loan office work ain’t working for me

I got the gumbo in the pot
The flame on low
All my eggs in a job where I’m seeing no growth
And my loans just kicked in
Bills dimming my hope
And my cousin day dreaming I ain’t reaching his scope
I need to lower my gaze
I wanna impress women
But the maintenance of woman is complicated division
In my hood they sell crack, would rather avoid prison
I never would considered that being a hard decision
This recession got these people with masters looking for work
While they masking the poverty niggas masters in getting hurt
The vast majority of the masses looking to dirt
And say why am I here rather than there? What’s ya worth ?! (Huh)

Raise hands to the sky and pray God you alive
Life is a battlefield as you rise think survive
And don’t fear death the war’s over when you die
God’ll tell you if you won
The day’s begun


Retired Slave Mission


Think Tank

I’m flowing with you when you speak nation’s security
But I don’t see how we get secure when you hurting me
A nation for the people, by the people
Who’re the people?
Since its inception my people weren’t considered equal
And I understand over time things changed
Like freedom was gained unfortunately terrorism it stayed the same
Black panthers were protesting cops killing kids
Ramarley Graham was killed recently not in 66
What about that Jena 6?
Or that Trayvon Martin kid?
Or Mr. Bird who lost his head out in the country sticks?
I hear you talking peace but where’s it’s representatives?
That’s what I’m thinking at the ballot for the President.
We’re not irrelevant
Sorely complacent
Pacified with bass ackward relations
Under armed for physical confrontation
Too overzealous to stop for celebration
Libation, temptation
Big hands on winding waistbands
No plans for elevation
If we don’t change our own condition what we fussing for?
Yeah a protest’s cool but maybe something more
Maybe group up buy the homes that we shoot up
Bury ourselves in books With plans to institute up
Garden a little bit raise crops for the little kids
So they could eat and hustle food
struggle and satisfaction too
No further complaints Forever grateful
Not to the government but to the one who made you
With words and deeds observing gifts from a real King
Till the end of existence, what I mean when I say deen

Hiatus pt. 1

Hiatus from the world
Love to be secluded
Even when I’m in a crowd I keep Em’ muted
Rather listen to music
Cause most of what I’m approached with is stupid
I focus on the sky kick the computer reboot it
I gotta get a telescope, Close in on the moon
Mark the wind and write an almanac
Globally in tuned
Watch the world from a distance
Pitted like the dates I eat
The seeds can be sown
I release them in the summer heat
I’m finding myself
Striving to align with the Truths
I meet you on this road that’ll be cool
But still I ain’t no fool
I heard a liar’s waiting on the path
Buying souls and selling trash
I could see it clear as glass
All this Smokeless fire in the grass
I gasp
The wrath
Locking him up in chains
29..30 days won’t hear him calling my name

Hiatus pt. 2

Hiatus from the world
Love to be secluded
Even when I’m in a crowd I keep Em muted
Rather listen to music
Cause most of what I’m approached with is stupid
Focus on the sky kick the computer remove it
Turning off the radio all the music rebuke it
Whispers in the air leading to something that’s foolish
Indoctrination, flimsy recitations of movie scenes of fiends not in prostration
Re enacted on blocks cops and hot shell casings
White sheets over dead teens with no relation
Makes me sick these tombs with foolish engravings
“No praying…just playing”
They get stuck in the head like cement glue stuck on a wedge
Under doorways to the heart
Could never replace thoughts of fort like stars that witness
Righteous human beings thrown into fire filled ditches
The perpetrators sit and watch too
And God watch too!
can’t wait to see what God gon’ do
Grab a reciter hear the news
Grab a Quran and read the paper too
Evil doers get they just due
So what about you?