Hiatus pt. 1

Hiatus from the world
Love to be secluded
Even when I’m in a crowd I keep Em’ muted
Rather listen to music
Cause most of what I’m approached with is stupid
I focus on the sky kick the computer reboot it
I gotta get a telescope, Close in on the moon
Mark the wind and write an almanac
Globally in tuned
Watch the world from a distance
Pitted like the dates I eat
The seeds can be sown
I release them in the summer heat
I’m finding myself
Striving to align with the Truths
I meet you on this road that’ll be cool
But still I ain’t no fool
I heard a liar’s waiting on the path
Buying souls and selling trash
I could see it clear as glass
All this Smokeless fire in the grass
I gasp
The wrath
Locking him up in chains
29..30 days won’t hear him calling my name


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