Living in the World

This is for the 9-6 workers 12 hour shift non exempt
Over 40 hours spent at work and only pay the rent
Hit the ground running outta college with degrees
Turn you back round to the loan office work ain’t working for me

I got the gumbo in the pot
The flame on low
All my eggs in a job where I’m seeing no growth
And my loans just kicked in
Bills dimming my hope
And my cousin day dreaming I ain’t reaching his scope
I need to lower my gaze
I wanna impress women
But the maintenance of woman is complicated division
In my hood they sell crack, would rather avoid prison
I never would considered that being a hard decision
This recession got these people with masters looking for work
While they masking the poverty niggas masters in getting hurt
The vast majority of the masses looking to dirt
And say why am I here rather than there? What’s ya worth ?! (Huh)

Raise hands to the sky and pray God you alive
Life is a battlefield as you rise think survive
And don’t fear death the war’s over when you die
God’ll tell you if you won
The day’s begun


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