To aim higher

Put your money up
Buy abandoned Newark buildings
Turn it to a private school for under priv’ledged children
Put your dollars in a pot
Buy a vacant lot
And grow a garden make urban ghettoes a staple crop
Make the dope block where hustlers and pimps meet
Bazaar where the family ends meet
Instead of block parties with stages for djays
put a grand scale on the stage
Pray…Then weigh
Make lady liberty stand up for her rep
And put justice and equality over debt
Push intellectual property in step with the market of the ghetto that you target then we’re set
I guess …That’s all wishful thinking
Flip the world round the bottom to the top like sinking
But we’re all bound
For death and dirt my soul’s not for hire
Take time not wasting my mind with these liars
They call me to the fire
Through all of my desires
I remember the Wrath
And then I just retire
You could have all I gasp at
And ask how much?
Model citizens are priceless
Especially when righteous
And so are … Witnesses
Picture this
Even in the dark abyss
There will always be witnesses
Can’t turn out the lights on the light giver
When He feel it’s right He get right witcha
What’ll hit will never miss ya

Poetic Reflection

Poems written like stones thrown at the sinner
Pelted rocks swoon like hail falling in winter
Hard to walk the road with the party on the side
Like Signs to veer off where goodness don’t coincide
Rather rest under a tree than a motel
All the Amenities accompany fools to hell
May God forgive me for tiring on the path
I got enough to stretch out a breath before I pass

Patriotic Remembrance

I won’t forget Betsy Ross Or The Civil War
Indian American wars from 1775 to 1924
I wont forget the two fifths dog clause , Jim Crow laws and being stolen off of Africa’s shores
white sheets that don’t mean peace lifting a burning cross
Cell bars and the Scottsborough boys
I won’t forget the Harlem Renaissance or WEB DuBois
Marcus Garvey and all the back to Africa ploys
That’s just for the rhyme its better than saying noise
So I won’t forget He was deported and ignored
I wont forget Noble Drew Ali and mysticism
Or the Nation of Islam even with that false religion
That Elijah taught and learned from Farrad Muhammad
Who associated with Moors temple of science correspondents
I won’t forget Langston Hughes, Hurston or Countee Cullen
A Phillip Randolph wasn’t a chump all of a sudden
when it came to unionizing black brothers called George
Formers slaves paid pennies to do another’s chores.
I won’t forget chain gangs and lynchings
Land grabs and gold rush biddings
Segregation and the old Christian religion
I won’t forget
Medgar Evers ,Malcolm X or King
Emmett Till, who whistled when his freedom wouldn’t ring
I wont forget freedom riders, howard zinn or the A Bomb
Heroin, Asian Orange , the Vietnam War or Napalm
I won’t forget black wall street in oklahoma
may 31st the memorial’s no misnomer
I won’t forget the pacific my Grandfather fought that in World War II
Before Hiroshima blew
I won’t forget the Korean war Or Tuskeegee Airmen
Pearl Harbor or Mississippi tears trailing
My Cherokee ancestry
Or the massacre at Wounded knee
Forgetting’s what we usually
But I won’t forget 9/11
And the questions on whether the city pulled Building 7
I won’t forget Mohammad Hamdani a first responder
Who on the memorial wall was placed as loosely part of
That tragic event I won’t forget my Aunt wheezing
On the Brooklyn Bridge escaping asbestos breathing
I won’t forget the innocent soldiers who died in Iraq
Fighting people who had nothing to do with that
I won’t forget the women deployed just to come back
Hushed rape victims due to superior slack
Of commanding officers acting as if it didn’t
And when asked about it they chalk it up to forgetting
I won’t forget post traumatic stress
The families it effects I wont forget all the homeless vets
I won’t forget the soldiers who committed suicide
Or the nightmares and flashbacks of those still alive
I won’t forget defending my brothers who got deployed
I won’t forget the comments in college got me annoyed
I won’t forget the work that we did to increase peace
In Memorial and high school the North and South meet
I won’t forget explaining Islam and what it wasn’t
Some say that it condones terrorism but it doesn’t
I wont forget the world trade center as a kid
Only for memories too bad that I can’t relive
I won’t forget New York police and stop and frisk
And all the young blacks Men that got killed cause of it
I won’t forget Amadou, Sean Bell or Ramarley
Religious and racial discrimination and where are we?
I won’t forget The sikhs abused due to their turbans
Or all the curious people that ended up converting
I won’t forget 9/11
That etched us all in history
Let’s not make that day an excuse for another’s misery.

Pigs, Projects and Us

We were penned like pigs
Projects where we live
A project for the Pigs
To get us all in the Pen
Got us trained with the schools
Psychological tools
Bells and lines gray paint in the cafeteria too
So when we concentrate again
We reverse from being men
To the children we were back when
Except fights today end lives
A child can forgive and make ties more suitable to survive
Even in a world of lies!
But we die from deep Stabs from knives
And atrocious acts brutalize the mind where there’s no turning back
But if you fear God
Then structure your life with time off
To worship the Lord
Your eyes see different than what is set before
Project of palaces
In store for those seek knowledge just
To get close to God and not to point out the obvious
Renewed goal will warrant a review of the soul
And what holds you back from applying what you know
So self reflection and prayer become protection
Silence is gold a currency squandered when guessing
Bankrolled with I don’t know
Smiling’s a charitable expression