Killing you daily
Armed excuses
Shooters elusive
People deduce its police cover up
Media drugging up the uppercrust with up and ups
Dow Jones raised
Therefore don’t raise minimum wage
So express outrage get locked up in a cage.
News portray nonviolence as riots
Food binging as diets
Slaves of desire labeled as free
Forced capitalism came to liberate me
Just incinerate your soul and enjoy paradise in this life
It wont last but live it in the light
Of a dark flame spooning perversity in your heart
Stained tart from shared saliva crooning out the coonery
Soon to be what the next up feel as being so real
Scholars for dollars spotted signing distribution deals
Hancocking indoctrination and sharecropping the population for cogs in the wheel
Riding downhill high off an E-pill
In ecstasy professionally appointed ministers uh dis Eevil.

Seed sealed in soil by a kaffir
Who turns into a muflihun when harvesting his pasture
Similar so who denies truth is mukathib
Who no longer can hide that he knew well when he is asked
On the day of transactions
Reaping what you sow
So woe on the one who on that day will be exposed.