imagePencil to paper
Or fingers to screen
Thoughts from the mind in rhyme tryn’ chasing a dream
No music just thoughts and mumbles
A slow walk on the humble
With no force speak bedazzlement
Monetize shirts with Wows
Arabic letter And what I just said now
Extravagant nothings Im waiting for a punch line
No scratch my past time is thinking up raps In no time
My co signs’ my brother and co sansThat find flows whisking in tap
Green light any leads to the paper if that
In fact it’s light work but feelings they might jerk
Whip lash this fit fast when life and your dreams clash
Back to A B see yourself out of the sentence
A click of speakers speaking nothing just ruined my entrance
Foolish ambitions to be seen done skewed my intentions
And now my attemptin’ is shamed with every ounce of attention
Started from scratch
Thoughts keeping me company
No beats just flows so every hold is comforta’bly placed
With or without space gasp repeat it again
Conceited the ends for immaculate feats with pen
Poisonous choices so the ink is like lead to the voiceless
Over time losing they mind With def tones
Rest on the best poems blown away by the next drone
Lying on crept chrome stimulated by sex moans
Orchestrated in restrooms flushing a flesh wound.
Wash your hands wet paper or dry
Low self esteem your life sound better with lies
From scratch with no pretense
Like how did i get to the precinct ?
21 taps on them bars was vocally decent
Jump the street get pumped by heat
Thats why everybody get mad when the truth live leak.
For scratch though so everybody making a play
Go out of they way to tell like that’s really okay.
You over exaggerate
The audience masticate food for thought
Eat it up till the flow just evaporate.