Brain’s Epiphany



Brain’s Epiphany


I don’t do much but make plans

I could dominate the world by night cover lands

Covered with sand first

Analyze and backtrack, scope out the whole view

Take a days work but by sunrise I own you

I bust

From the scene like the dreams of that firefly song

Like the sounds out the whips that I’m carried on

Speeding through the visions of light

The quickest marathon

Avoiding the reflections in sound

My voice a baritone

The sweetest tenor with no… sugar in the tank

Rather hit you with the back of the toilet

Visit your sink

Leave the waste on the walls

Let you use five senses

Faintest taste of the awe but a tempting sensation

Who relates as hearts racing during twilight

Mess around and wake up with a fiend over my light

If you hesitate to the peep the scheme then you’re out of sight

Out of mind

Till the next time and the next paradigm