Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box had a name


One eyed monster

Power up your future to play what the world has come ta

Anything you say will be monitored and confronted

Undertones in policy making may get you hunted

Neuronal growth stunted

Spiritual development’s irrelevant as “religion is for the least intelligent”

Propaganda stating belligerent exclamations

Out of context

But these sound bytes’ for shock and awe not for substance

Besides most minds consist of sterner stuff

Punks step up like cloned warriors and burners bust

Bullets touch gracefully upside but look at the upside if you die

Then you may rise as martyr in the after-life.

Hook up a capture card to catch the lie

All in one

Life Death and life again in a black box go get you one

All black everything with a white peephole

That seep souls like vacuums snatching children up out a mothers’ womb

Life Death and life again in a black box with a blinder as a binding covenant

The government will send their Black Ops if you dare see

Freedom outside of these the black spots

Or the order in the heavens so present your back drops

Diagonal to the ground like how most infants crown flesh plated rings of fire when coming out of a mother’s womb.

They lay you flat and bury you inside an earthly tomb.

But who will pray over your funeral?

Pandora’s Box

Caesar’s Money

Caesar’s money
Cost of being a savage in a city where the rich get richer the Poor get ravaged
Local girls groomed and developed just to be ravished
Nullify the senses with dope prescribed by the addicts
Miseducation of youths will spawn fools who feud over ostentatious titles that none will amount to
But out of the many one will refuse to be used

Tool up with knowledge and wisdom despite the news

Clued in on generations chalked as statistics
Raise eyebrows when razing egos with swiftness

Leave Caesars money with Caesar’s face in Caesar’s pocket
Caesar’s economics was built to make Caesar profit
Caesar’s fall lies in waiting Like Lions on the prowl
Claim greater victory
Prepare for forever now