imagePencil to paper
Or fingers to screen
Thoughts from the mind in rhyme tryn’ chasing a dream
No music just thoughts and mumbles
A slow walk on the humble
With no force speak bedazzlement
Monetize shirts with Wows
Arabic letter And what I just said now
Extravagant nothings Im waiting for a punch line
No scratch my past time is thinking up raps In no time
My co signs’ my brother and co sansThat find flows whisking in tap
Green light any leads to the paper if that
In fact it’s light work but feelings they might jerk
Whip lash this fit fast when life and your dreams clash
Back to A B see yourself out of the sentence
A click of speakers speaking nothing just ruined my entrance
Foolish ambitions to be seen done skewed my intentions
And now my attemptin’ is shamed with every ounce of attention
Started from scratch
Thoughts keeping me company
No beats just flows so every hold is comforta’bly placed
With or without space gasp repeat it again
Conceited the ends for immaculate feats with pen
Poisonous choices so the ink is like lead to the voiceless
Over time losing they mind With def tones
Rest on the best poems blown away by the next drone
Lying on crept chrome stimulated by sex moans
Orchestrated in restrooms flushing a flesh wound.
Wash your hands wet paper or dry
Low self esteem your life sound better with lies
From scratch with no pretense
Like how did i get to the precinct ?
21 taps on them bars was vocally decent
Jump the street get pumped by heat
Thats why everybody get mad when the truth live leak.
For scratch though so everybody making a play
Go out of they way to tell like that’s really okay.
You over exaggerate
The audience masticate food for thought
Eat it up till the flow just evaporate.

I’m back

Retired Slave Mission


‘The Whats’ from the SoapBox

Living in a world full of sin

Though it starts from within

Want to buy you off slow but layaway on your skin

Till the fire burns bright, The precious jewels glow

Shed the scum on the shores from what’s pure you should know

I got dough so illusionary flows revolutionary

Cameras close on a block known for obituaries

Home for the real and more aware

Cut by CO-IntelPro streets bleed and secede over here!

Old America!

Twinkled eyes blind in the cars just ahead of ya

’till they line Stars (celebrities) on the ‘vard (boulevard)

So what’s ours?

Never was, just these lines

So pull out the Soapbox, for believers the benefit’s we remind

On some off brand hold the wall tip holding all this raw spit

Cleaning dishes of thought and make sure they shine


Between the lines… I hear the cries

Of dying Syrian children with freedom in their eyes

Devoutly religious men who refuse suicide

Who lay down their lives trusting God and swallowing  pride


Dope fiend stares without care watching t.v. screens

Chuckle at adversity like this life doesn’t mean a thing

Spewing curse words as verbs

Contributing nothing but nerve

Hearts terrified so limbs react with Absurd and

Horrific acts justified by aristocrats

Reigning over fleeting time’s hard have to get it back

Chains branded, Mind Famished

Souls thirst to grind on the behinds of the blind like a sandwich

Peanut butter to that Jelly

You brothers are selly

Sully your honor, selling your soul

Live for the world but heaven’s the goal


Dollar Day

Tired of Self Abuse I retire from Oppression

This hunger for a dollar is prostituting my essence

Afflicted with addiction to a tree meshed with cotton

Out of the many slaves made one and Slaves forgotten

Looking for a better job robbing Peter to pay Paul

And Paul slaughtered Peter’s followers when he was Saul

And Saul’s kingdom went to David (S.A.W.) who slayed Giants

But that was before Judas made a Roman alliance

And Pharisees stood in compliance to kill Jesus (S.A.W)

Who taught the Word of God and dollars He didn’t need it

And after He ascended here entered the second Saul

Who knew the law but never met Jesus (S.A.W.) at all

Converting Gentiles to Christians and became Paul

Who got beheaded in Rome where Peter died later on

But I’m more interested in, Jesus (S.A.W.) and John (S.A.W.)

Peace and blessings upon

 Out of the desert sands The Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

To all of the Prophet’s named the Muslims pay homage

Though none is worthy of worship, that’s only for God

Who has the Best of Names, in arabic one’s Allah

To Muhammad peace and blessings be upon was sent the Qur’an

Literally Recitation… but nothing like a song

See the people were polytheist so the revelation of One God caused altercations

Such situations… as torture, murder, slander, lies,

Verbal abuse, embargos and evil eyes

Led to a struggle for Peace and existence of belief in Abraham’s (S.A.W.) religion Hanif (inclining to truth)

But to end in sum after 23 years the Muslims won

The Prophet died completing the seal of Prophetic ties

The Truth glorious and in no need of the lies

Prompted by dollar days and answers with different shades

Filling the streets with blood under the skies of gray

So tired of Self Abuse I retire from Oppression

This hunger for a dollar is prostituting my essence

So I don’t want the money if my soul’s being sold

What is the worth of man? It can’t be counted in gold

And out of the many slaves of God here I am

Submitting to God like David, John, Jesus, Muhammad and Abraham


Peace and blessings be upon them all…





Hanif – Inclining to truth

(S.A.W.) – Salallahu alayhi wa Salaam – Peace and blessings be upon him

Qur’an – Recitation







Retired Slave Rant

I’m a retired slave of materialism

Imagination was stunted by songs and television

My sky wasn’t too high in fact I aspired,

For the lowest achievements and writhed when acquired

Addicted to desire, a heaven on Earth

But it’s not much of a heaven when I know what it’s worth

And to gain little so much lost

Pent up frustrations ’bout the plight of the world, I’m part of the cause

Reinforced by… Community compliance, complacency

But that’s an excuse the blamed is me

My current aim is to make change

That make brains critically think and hands build things

The current age set up a stage with many slaves and no trade

Except to consume in one’s cage

Part from enraged I exchange the former chains to narcissistic aims

For thoughts about the rain…interdependence and exactly why I came

To sum it up there’s only One God and He’s the King

So freedom gained as I conclude that nothing but God is worthy of my servitude

Quarrelsome Opponents

Why dispute when you’re free to believe?

And what does your dispute really have to do with me?

I am not the key to your salvation

Proselytize with haste but hate to help an orphan’s situation

Curse the poor, support war in foreign lands

Recite Godly commands and act opposite than

So where the tongue leads, the heart beats another way

Yearn for conquest so leave Peace for another day

Peace when all bow to your will instead of God

As if you speak for God, well who do you think you are?


Dangerous Magic – Horcrux theory

…”For all those familiar with the Harry Potter series”

If I conjured a Horcrux multiplying three

Then divided the soul for each Horcruxes degree

Scattered them through the shadows for ignorant men to see

Could I then truly say that each part of the soul was me?

Dangerous magic, furthermore tragic if one dies

An inefficient method to try to keep the soul alive

If the three is one, then as one goes the others follow

Headlong into a Blaze for purposes deathly hollow

Such a perverse prolonging of life with the  soul scarred

Even worse to attribute this horrible lie to God

Immaculate humanity’s still formed in the womb

Consistent through and through as the The Hour starts at the tomb

So how could one confuse man with One who never dies

And who is worse than one that with God attributes lies?

Dangerous magic  if my soul is divided by three

Then if one dies then what does that do to the whole of me?

Such a perverse prolonging of life with a soul scarred

Even worse to attribute this horrible lie to God

Diminishing the whole just to be humbled to dust

Dark shadows overwhelming until the light catches up

Any affliction felt by a piece affects the whole

Lord Voldemort weakened, he separated his soul

Each part depends on the other to make the one

But how can it be the Father’s in any need of the Son?

And God is most Great, no sense to separate

Nor is it sense to take a cohort with what He creates

Dangerous magic, leading to Fire and souls scarred

Even worse to attribute this horrible lie to God

Excellent piece!

Mind of Malaka

So I got this in my email this morning…


They call the Third World the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent—totally penniless, needy, destitute, poverty-stricken, disfavored, and impoverished. In this demesne, as they call it, there are hardly any discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Africa is the trailblazer. Some still call it “the dark continent” for the light that flickers under the tunnel is not that of hope, but an approaching train. And because countless keep waiting in the way of the train, millions die and many more remain decapitated by the day.

“It’s amazing how you all sit there and watch yourselves die,” the man next to me said. “Get up and do something about it.”

Brawny, fully bald-headed, with intense, steely eyes, he was as cold as they come. When I first discovered…

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The Black Hole Theory

Overlapping rhetoric better written in Javascript

Calculated racism blatantly spewed through politics

Brought into fruition with waivers signed so that freedom leaves

And “free will” is replaced by following orders immediately

Constant vortex of information

Penetrating skulls leave black holes of lies like a third eye

Roaming and bobbling, speed reading

Inundated with these heathens with bleeding hearts so indecent I close mines

Can’t look down

Walking in the sky too ashamed  to hit ground

Better if you try to grasp some substance,

steal what matters to these actors in function

Clear  a circumference of room to consume

The intake is heavy and tends to cause gloom

So faces are darkened

Attracting those departing from truth

To wallow in conjecture until their spooked

Trapped by their fears and captured by a black hole

Faces are darkened

Horrified for they  now know

As light leaves with a slight breeze and your left astray

Till bound with a tight squeeze flung into fire and you’re on your way

But as of now the radiant moon shines

As if … just to remind those who see about this fleeting time

Maybe the mind will free itself from designs inflicted to keep the soul conflicted

Restricted to the vortex of boolean functions AND over lapping digits

Cover codes, radios, digital overloads

Satellites bright in a Star’s night scene like a cameo

Orbit until it meets its end

But when the stars truly lose their light it’s like the hereafter begins

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