To aim higher

Put your money up
Buy abandoned Newark buildings
Turn it to a private school for under priv’ledged children
Put your dollars in a pot
Buy a vacant lot
And grow a garden make urban ghettoes a staple crop
Make the dope block where hustlers and pimps meet
Bazaar where the family ends meet
Instead of block parties with stages for djays
put a grand scale on the stage
Pray…Then weigh
Make lady liberty stand up for her rep
And put justice and equality over debt
Push intellectual property in step with the market of the ghetto that you target then we’re set
I guess …That’s all wishful thinking
Flip the world round the bottom to the top like sinking
But we’re all bound
For death and dirt my soul’s not for hire
Take time not wasting my mind with these liars
They call me to the fire
Through all of my desires
I remember the Wrath
And then I just retire
You could have all I gasp at
And ask how much?
Model citizens are priceless
Especially when righteous
And so are … Witnesses
Picture this
Even in the dark abyss
There will always be witnesses
Can’t turn out the lights on the light giver
When He feel it’s right He get right witcha
What’ll hit will never miss ya

Poetic Reflection

Poems written like stones thrown at the sinner
Pelted rocks swoon like hail falling in winter
Hard to walk the road with the party on the side
Like Signs to veer off where goodness don’t coincide
Rather rest under a tree than a motel
All the Amenities accompany fools to hell
May God forgive me for tiring on the path
I got enough to stretch out a breath before I pass


Taper it to your pen, Post it on the screen

At all times God is aware of all things

Careful with each stroke


What the eyes should foresee when they read or turn on the t.v

The whispers one whispers that one’s self denies

Is very well known for there’s no place to hide

The All Seeing

Gives and takes sight from the eyes

Truth that sheds light upon the darkest of lies

No power or strength in creation can intimidate

From God all power and authority originates

And remains with…Doesn’t decrease

Ever Living a.k.a. Never will cease

The Well Acquainted, The All Knowing, He heard it first

Encompassing everything including the heavens and earth

The Greatest Witness able to do whatever He wills

Trustworthy Lord whose promise will be fulfilled

So with this free will…Mark the time you kill

for when time is up

Our deeds will be revealed

Such a Walk To Remember – Submitted for Lyrical Art Sahaba Edition

Such a walk to remember

The footsteps into Jannah

Saved from being enslaved by a man in Jahannam

Allah kulli shay in Qadir

Even under the weight of those pebbles

He was certain God could hear

Was certain that He intervened

As He screamed aHad

Enemies of Allah know what I mean

Allah is One and from that One we all begun

Chose an Abyssinian slave to call muslims to pray

The Polythiests beat him and tortured him for a time

But never did he flee from the faith safe in Islam

Dragged by the noose on his neck through Makkan streets

Stones pressed onto his chest in the desert heat

And all of that allotted to Lat and Uzza’s defeat

As Bilal uttered aHad and freed by Abu Bakr Siddiq

Defended by the Rasool

If you dare use the color of his skin to be rude

What state is your faith in?

And love you all the same

From revenge of that matter he refrained

And only to Allah and His Messenger he complained

In hopes for reward from His Lord

After each Wudu

With that Tuhur he prays as much as Allah would want him to.

Muhajirun, Mujahidun, Muminun


Calling the Adhan on the roof of Masjidal Haram

Collecting Sadaqah with the Prophet (S.A.W)

Slayer of Umaiyah bin Khalaf but fighting in the Cause of Allah was the topic

From my brother Bilal I learned no worries at all

In success Alhamdulillah and if not then Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

Black Star before Mos Def and Kweli

A chief manumitted by Abu Bakr Siddiq

Mua’dthin in the night

So you continue eat

During Ramadan Suhur’s but observe the words he speaks

Dedicated to Allah, may he sins be forgiven

Since his liberation enslavement to Allah his mission

After the Death the Prophet (S.A.W.) his desire was Jihad

Life, Death, Sacrifice all fisibilillah


Laid in a grave in Damascus

May Allah make it spacious and bless Bilal the Mua’adhin

Understanding Repentance

The Cheese stands alone…  a whistle in the wind

Off into space just to find himself again

Eyelids droop down, shoulders droop lower

In the midst of the mind is a war-torn soldier

Has the line been crossed? Has a side been chosen?

Yes I choose God privately and in the open

The spinal taps are straightened, a broken heart beats again

Striving to success with a zeal to beat defeat again

Till the end… to die on the Truth

Leaving off the dangers set to hang me by a noose

Rearranging all priorities, fulfilling the commands set by God

The capacity for patience just expands with the pains and the aches

But the growing’s so worth it

Reaching for perfection though I’ll never be perfect

Back slide for temptations but the fire won’t lapse

So just learn from creation and don’t ever turn back

React from a wrong with right seek forgiveness

Pride will subside and Allah bears witness

To liars who believe they deceive when they cover

The hatred in their hearts with their words but what’s smothered is themselves

And the Truth is

They perceive not

Humble hearts seek forgiveness and foil evil plots

Prayer is protection from indecency

Heals the wounds of a sickness part of the Peace to be.