In Memorial

Lobby my democracy
Pitch it and watch it ground off
Polls say elections is even until they round off
Boots on the ground and bullets fly but what for?
For some lie we rush shores and sons die with the lost cause
Excuse me but the trauma’s finally setting in.
Tears pouring for post mortem brothers in camo skin
Released no debrief just Xanax and these sheets of discharge
Blasts from exhaust pipes and I’m back in the war
With my back to the wall and don’t dare close a door
Trip wire tracing the floor rage breaking out like a claymore
Facing these racists while my homegirls facing these rapists
Commanding officers cover the wrinkles like a facelift
I thought I needed training my education was Basic
But since I got the Boot every thought of serving is hatred
I’m camping the recruiter like maybe I need another tour
New branch and comradery follow me to another war
Ageless nights, my rifle and the objective
Death or victory so there’s no way that I’ll be bested
my memorial as we lose another brother in arms to the haunting of exactly what in war we do.
And you don’t appreciate the sacrifice…
For every ounce of your Freedom I had to pay the price
Coward Politicians with audacity to gripe
But never offer their children up to sacrifice they life.
Lobby my democracy
Say they do it in memory
Now the highest bidder is telling me where the enemy resides
And face it If I survive then may be I’ll go and hide ‘mongst the civilians enjoying all the rights
I protect with my life on the frontline
In Memorial for my Veterans one time.