Hiatus pt. 2

Hiatus from the world
Love to be secluded
Even when I’m in a crowd I keep Em muted
Rather listen to music
Cause most of what I’m approached with is stupid
Focus on the sky kick the computer remove it
Turning off the radio all the music rebuke it
Whispers in the air leading to something that’s foolish
Indoctrination, flimsy recitations of movie scenes of fiends not in prostration
Re enacted on blocks cops and hot shell casings
White sheets over dead teens with no relation
Makes me sick these tombs with foolish engravings
“No praying…just playing”
They get stuck in the head like cement glue stuck on a wedge
Under doorways to the heart
Could never replace thoughts of fort like stars that witness
Righteous human beings thrown into fire filled ditches
The perpetrators sit and watch too
And God watch too!
can’t wait to see what God gon’ do
Grab a reciter hear the news
Grab a Quran and read the paper too
Evil doers get they just due
So what about you?