To aim higher

Put your money up
Buy abandoned Newark buildings
Turn it to a private school for under priv’ledged children
Put your dollars in a pot
Buy a vacant lot
And grow a garden make urban ghettoes a staple crop
Make the dope block where hustlers and pimps meet
Bazaar where the family ends meet
Instead of block parties with stages for djays
put a grand scale on the stage
Pray…Then weigh
Make lady liberty stand up for her rep
And put justice and equality over debt
Push intellectual property in step with the market of the ghetto that you target then we’re set
I guess …That’s all wishful thinking
Flip the world round the bottom to the top like sinking
But we’re all bound
For death and dirt my soul’s not for hire
Take time not wasting my mind with these liars
They call me to the fire
Through all of my desires
I remember the Wrath
And then I just retire
You could have all I gasp at
And ask how much?
Model citizens are priceless
Especially when righteous
And so are … Witnesses
Picture this
Even in the dark abyss
There will always be witnesses
Can’t turn out the lights on the light giver
When He feel it’s right He get right witcha
What’ll hit will never miss ya

Poetic Reflection

Poems written like stones thrown at the sinner
Pelted rocks swoon like hail falling in winter
Hard to walk the road with the party on the side
Like Signs to veer off where goodness don’t coincide
Rather rest under a tree than a motel
All the Amenities accompany fools to hell
May God forgive me for tiring on the path
I got enough to stretch out a breath before I pass

Dollar Day

Tired of Self Abuse I retire from Oppression

This hunger for a dollar is prostituting my essence

Afflicted with addiction to a tree meshed with cotton

Out of the many slaves made one and Slaves forgotten

Looking for a better job robbing Peter to pay Paul

And Paul slaughtered Peter’s followers when he was Saul

And Saul’s kingdom went to David (S.A.W.) who slayed Giants

But that was before Judas made a Roman alliance

And Pharisees stood in compliance to kill Jesus (S.A.W)

Who taught the Word of God and dollars He didn’t need it

And after He ascended here entered the second Saul

Who knew the law but never met Jesus (S.A.W.) at all

Converting Gentiles to Christians and became Paul

Who got beheaded in Rome where Peter died later on

But I’m more interested in, Jesus (S.A.W.) and John (S.A.W.)

Peace and blessings upon

 Out of the desert sands The Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

To all of the Prophet’s named the Muslims pay homage

Though none is worthy of worship, that’s only for God

Who has the Best of Names, in arabic one’s Allah

To Muhammad peace and blessings be upon was sent the Qur’an

Literally Recitation… but nothing like a song

See the people were polytheist so the revelation of One God caused altercations

Such situations… as torture, murder, slander, lies,

Verbal abuse, embargos and evil eyes

Led to a struggle for Peace and existence of belief in Abraham’s (S.A.W.) religion Hanif (inclining to truth)

But to end in sum after 23 years the Muslims won

The Prophet died completing the seal of Prophetic ties

The Truth glorious and in no need of the lies

Prompted by dollar days and answers with different shades

Filling the streets with blood under the skies of gray

So tired of Self Abuse I retire from Oppression

This hunger for a dollar is prostituting my essence

So I don’t want the money if my soul’s being sold

What is the worth of man? It can’t be counted in gold

And out of the many slaves of God here I am

Submitting to God like David, John, Jesus, Muhammad and Abraham


Peace and blessings be upon them all…





Hanif – Inclining to truth

(S.A.W.) – Salallahu alayhi wa Salaam – Peace and blessings be upon him

Qur’an – Recitation







Quarrelsome Opponents

Why dispute when you’re free to believe?

And what does your dispute really have to do with me?

I am not the key to your salvation

Proselytize with haste but hate to help an orphan’s situation

Curse the poor, support war in foreign lands

Recite Godly commands and act opposite than

So where the tongue leads, the heart beats another way

Yearn for conquest so leave Peace for another day

Peace when all bow to your will instead of God

As if you speak for God, well who do you think you are?


Dangerous Magic – Horcrux theory

…”For all those familiar with the Harry Potter series”

If I conjured a Horcrux multiplying three

Then divided the soul for each Horcruxes degree

Scattered them through the shadows for ignorant men to see

Could I then truly say that each part of the soul was me?

Dangerous magic, furthermore tragic if one dies

An inefficient method to try to keep the soul alive

If the three is one, then as one goes the others follow

Headlong into a Blaze for purposes deathly hollow

Such a perverse prolonging of life with the  soul scarred

Even worse to attribute this horrible lie to God

Immaculate humanity’s still formed in the womb

Consistent through and through as the The Hour starts at the tomb

So how could one confuse man with One who never dies

And who is worse than one that with God attributes lies?

Dangerous magic  if my soul is divided by three

Then if one dies then what does that do to the whole of me?

Such a perverse prolonging of life with a soul scarred

Even worse to attribute this horrible lie to God

Diminishing the whole just to be humbled to dust

Dark shadows overwhelming until the light catches up

Any affliction felt by a piece affects the whole

Lord Voldemort weakened, he separated his soul

Each part depends on the other to make the one

But how can it be the Father’s in any need of the Son?

And God is most Great, no sense to separate

Nor is it sense to take a cohort with what He creates

Dangerous magic, leading to Fire and souls scarred

Even worse to attribute this horrible lie to God

The Black Hole Theory

Overlapping rhetoric better written in Javascript

Calculated racism blatantly spewed through politics

Brought into fruition with waivers signed so that freedom leaves

And “free will” is replaced by following orders immediately

Constant vortex of information

Penetrating skulls leave black holes of lies like a third eye

Roaming and bobbling, speed reading

Inundated with these heathens with bleeding hearts so indecent I close mines

Can’t look down

Walking in the sky too ashamed  to hit ground

Better if you try to grasp some substance,

steal what matters to these actors in function

Clear  a circumference of room to consume

The intake is heavy and tends to cause gloom

So faces are darkened

Attracting those departing from truth

To wallow in conjecture until their spooked

Trapped by their fears and captured by a black hole

Faces are darkened

Horrified for they  now know

As light leaves with a slight breeze and your left astray

Till bound with a tight squeeze flung into fire and you’re on your way

But as of now the radiant moon shines

As if … just to remind those who see about this fleeting time

Maybe the mind will free itself from designs inflicted to keep the soul conflicted

Restricted to the vortex of boolean functions AND over lapping digits

Cover codes, radios, digital overloads

Satellites bright in a Star’s night scene like a cameo

Orbit until it meets its end

But when the stars truly lose their light it’s like the hereafter begins


Taper it to your pen, Post it on the screen

At all times God is aware of all things

Careful with each stroke


What the eyes should foresee when they read or turn on the t.v

The whispers one whispers that one’s self denies

Is very well known for there’s no place to hide

The All Seeing

Gives and takes sight from the eyes

Truth that sheds light upon the darkest of lies

No power or strength in creation can intimidate

From God all power and authority originates

And remains with…Doesn’t decrease

Ever Living a.k.a. Never will cease

The Well Acquainted, The All Knowing, He heard it first

Encompassing everything including the heavens and earth

The Greatest Witness able to do whatever He wills

Trustworthy Lord whose promise will be fulfilled

So with this free will…Mark the time you kill

for when time is up

Our deeds will be revealed

Soul Controller

Who can hold a crowd greater than God?

No similitude or metaphor can equal Allah

Any expression of worth has its rest with The Best

While music sounds so alluring I put it to a test

Match it with the shortest Surah does it even compete?

Shattering man’s thought of what he knew as complete

When overwhelming understanding of an overwhelming Presence

Takes precedent make a standing person submit his whole essense

In sujood or prostration like a sailor when he meets sand

Delivered into safety from a force surrounding each land

Encircling us all is The Keeper of All Power

In His Hands is the Dominion

In His Knowledge is the Hour

The EverLiving,

Watching everything, The Oft- Forgiving

So Merciful that even believing is your decision

Not to be taken lightly every choice has a response

And in a world cat calling get whatever you want

It seems like a Catch-22

But I was told if you remember God then God’ll remember you

And if you strive hard, Rewards is in the plan

The devil whisper plenty, avoid him much as you can

And maybe at the time when you took all you can stand

God makes a way for His slaves once again

My man who can hold a crowd greater than God

On the Day of Judgement, on the Day to meet with Allah

On the Day that Hell is brought near bursting with rage

And Jannah is in the sight of Man and for that we pray

Just to enter into Heaven and avoid Hell’s heat

At the gates return Salaams to the Angels we meet.

Lifetimes upon lifetimes so many men passed

I pray that we enter Heaven where we’ll see God at last.






Dirty Scoundrel

Suffering suckertash tunes are groomed for the looney bin

Microcosm of the global problems so where do you fit in?

Obscure human germ

Squirm as the world changes

Societal relief leaves most brainless

Chained to playstations with life lines aimless

What remains hard to explain and when I do labeled insane

Strike a pose the flash mean I’m destined for change

Show my class, rear view and a fake name

In the brain of John Michael (Malco) V.I.

C.  all H.ell break loose if we can rise up a knee high

Breaking out of Arkham’s Asylum with B.I to handle to take back the night like a vandal

Dirty scoundrel flows proceed round you

Knowledge being kept in global security councils

Ignorance swept the land no surprise if it found you

Bow down in front you, sneak attack and it mount you

The passion’s irrational

So they sedate you with screens of dreams you never asked for

Lean physiques in silk sheets looking bashful

Strength on top of strength so blink and you’ll have more

Harness the spell that took you far till you reach death

Open your eyes to see Hell at your next step

There’s no going backwards unless you alive to turn back

In that case, switch up your view and start where you’re at


A mindset where rage is the norm
Setup a pedigree
Common intelligence got children committing felonies
Morality’s a mistake in logic unless it double profit
Or carry the object of lustful pleasures inside it
A wistful of attention
And flesh full of attraction
A desire for power will put it all into action
Men seize fellow mortals with a harrowing vile touch
And covet their possessions in manners more unjust
Thrusted into oppression because of a belief
Leave contorted faces with a mind to destroy the meek
But before you weep
Recognize the Hearer right before you speak a sigh or a wail
God’s Plan never fails
And today such talk is like a seldom heard tale
But when death reaches the throat all doubts are dispelled
A seizing with a terrible clutch
And it’s getting tighter
Leave strains in the screams of the most Furious fighters
Yes there’s no escape and this life ends where that begins
So with every breath left I seek to make amends
And pray for mercy and pardoning for evil I tend
To be inclined to
Mindful of the deeds that I send
Upon the slipstream of time
Recorded so I’m accountable
Like past nations destroyed who’s power seemed insurmountable
Folded by devastation such amazing events
These natural disasters and exactly why they are sent
Calms a changing mindset where rage is the norm
And from the pedigree
Every nation has an ending that’s quite unsettling
But as an individual observing the trend
I’ll mind my manners and be grateful all the way to the end

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