Syrian Hajj

What if all the Syrian fighters stopped and went to Hajj?
‘exchanged all their arms for garments in ihram
Shelled out buildings vacant
Children at the border patient waiting for close relations to take them
Singly Facing the qiblah as one nation holding only one station
Slave of Allah
No raids and raising Hell in the desert sun no raging
Peace being spread in a cadence
till celebration of Eid And Sacrificing Hady
Zakat paid so lots made for the poor and big plates at the orphan’s door
Wish I could say labbayk
Allahuma labbayk
When the Syrians come together for Allah the Great!
And whatever hate
Is for Allah’s sake
Make Tawaf with a squad in masjid al haraam
no alarm from the black stone to Ibrahim’s maqam
Can you imagine when the stones get thrown?
At Arafat they pray for the prone back home
The Lone graves and the mass ditches
Soldiers cry reciting Suratul Buruj giving up they riches.
Fear the statement of Allah
So everybody crying making sincere taubah on yawmul Arafat.
Keeping the Eid just Salaam and tears
No fear of government to tear what Allah brings near.

Soul Controller

Who can hold a crowd greater than God?

No similitude or metaphor can equal Allah

Any expression of worth has its rest with The Best

While music sounds so alluring I put it to a test

Match it with the shortest Surah does it even compete?

Shattering man’s thought of what he knew as complete

When overwhelming understanding of an overwhelming Presence

Takes precedent make a standing person submit his whole essense

In sujood or prostration like a sailor when he meets sand

Delivered into safety from a force surrounding each land

Encircling us all is The Keeper of All Power

In His Hands is the Dominion

In His Knowledge is the Hour

The EverLiving,

Watching everything, The Oft- Forgiving

So Merciful that even believing is your decision

Not to be taken lightly every choice has a response

And in a world cat calling get whatever you want

It seems like a Catch-22

But I was told if you remember God then God’ll remember you

And if you strive hard, Rewards is in the plan

The devil whisper plenty, avoid him much as you can

And maybe at the time when you took all you can stand

God makes a way for His slaves once again

My man who can hold a crowd greater than God

On the Day of Judgement, on the Day to meet with Allah

On the Day that Hell is brought near bursting with rage

And Jannah is in the sight of Man and for that we pray

Just to enter into Heaven and avoid Hell’s heat

At the gates return Salaams to the Angels we meet.

Lifetimes upon lifetimes so many men passed

I pray that we enter Heaven where we’ll see God at last.






For Poets

Intentionally muffled and mumbling on the street

Many verses made for saying but 7 stay on repeat

A performer will perform bonded to those whom he meets

Enslaved as a jackal,whatever gets me off the streets


Gets me out the cold drinking Dunkacheenoes

Window shopping pea coats in the winter like I need those

Even if it means

If it means If it means

What I’m saying violates my being

Oh my sense of being!

Step down off the camel with a foot caught in the stirrup

Sacrifice your soul swaying while gold is enveloped

What’s told is embellished

Natural charisma make a dirty lie sweet and somethings lovers want to cherish

Place it on a door… for one and all to relish

Donations’ implored… but too humble to sell it

Take it how it is  piece of me like a horcrux

Twisted and diseased lets see what else can be coughed up

‘fore we’re all struck awe struck by the end of days

Swaying every which’a way

Repeating what sinners say

Relieving the guilt with a call to do it anyway

Mumbling these 7 verses keep em’ on repeat

Directed to any poet spewing verses so replete

In nothing but just idle talk and vanities of the street

Pondering these 7 verses to keep a guard on my speech



The Seven Verses*

Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend?

They descend upon every sinful liar.

They pass on what is heard, and most of them are liars.

And the poets – [only] the deviators follow them;

Do you not see that in every valley they roam

And that they say what they do not do? –

Except those [poets] who believe and do righteous deeds and remember Allah often and defend [the Muslims] after they were wronged. And those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.

* Surah Shu’ara verses 221-227




He was impressed with his shadow as it rose in the light

But he thought twice feeling insecure about his sight

What was seen by his pride was against the act of being

So he asked forgiveness for feeling high esteemed in his scenes

Of prostration… forgiveness for falling prey to the temptation

Of thinking he was worthy of some praise cause he prays

But the praise is only for The One to whom he prays

And only God knows who’s on the path and who’s astray

And the position and the path on the final day

Realizing death has yet to step through the gates

Barriers been penetrated so deceased is the state

As death departs and the angels have souls set to take

The sure reality’s reached and from that no escape

No coup or secret rendevous of which one can partake

Refuge is in the possession of Whom decides your fate

Pray that Mercy is bestowed to save souls from being abased