Syrian Hajj

What if all the Syrian fighters stopped and went to Hajj?
‘exchanged all their arms for garments in ihram
Shelled out buildings vacant
Children at the border patient waiting for close relations to take them
Singly Facing the qiblah as one nation holding only one station
Slave of Allah
No raids and raising Hell in the desert sun no raging
Peace being spread in a cadence
till celebration of Eid And Sacrificing Hady
Zakat paid so lots made for the poor and big plates at the orphan’s door
Wish I could say labbayk
Allahuma labbayk
When the Syrians come together for Allah the Great!
And whatever hate
Is for Allah’s sake
Make Tawaf with a squad in masjid al haraam
no alarm from the black stone to Ibrahim’s maqam
Can you imagine when the stones get thrown?
At Arafat they pray for the prone back home
The Lone graves and the mass ditches
Soldiers cry reciting Suratul Buruj giving up they riches.
Fear the statement of Allah
So everybody crying making sincere taubah on yawmul Arafat.
Keeping the Eid just Salaam and tears
No fear of government to tear what Allah brings near.

The Run Down (pt.1 maybe)

Politicians shaping policy to help themselves

The average worker runs in place with no push to propel

Countries crumble on credit indebted at the soul

Oppressing average citizens increasing what they owe

To someone they don’t know

No sleeping on the stroll

The darkness spread across the sky no need to look in holes

So as long as you know

I fell into a slip stream

Impacted by truths in my paranoia-filled dreams


Irreligious hold vigils in mockery of deen

Repeating to themselves who’s on Siratul Mustaqeen

Create religious factions hurling people out the fold

Exclusive rights to what they like or  think they know

Beloved scholars patiently encourage good adaab

Students of knowledge grasp threads to maintain what they have

Trying to keep a balance ‘tween rigidity and ease

Struggling with the soul in hopes our Gracious Lord be pleased (I’m with them inshaAllah)



Twisting heads to see who said YarHarmukAllah

The sun still shines as  it rises from the east

No reason why I can’t suspend disappointment with peace

The favors of Allah are all around for you to see

As I praise somebody prays Mercy for me