Understanding Repentance

The Cheese stands alone…  a whistle in the wind

Off into space just to find himself again

Eyelids droop down, shoulders droop lower

In the midst of the mind is a war-torn soldier

Has the line been crossed? Has a side been chosen?

Yes I choose God privately and in the open

The spinal taps are straightened, a broken heart beats again

Striving to success with a zeal to beat defeat again

Till the end… to die on the Truth

Leaving off the dangers set to hang me by a noose

Rearranging all priorities, fulfilling the commands set by God

The capacity for patience just expands with the pains and the aches

But the growing’s so worth it

Reaching for perfection though I’ll never be perfect

Back slide for temptations but the fire won’t lapse

So just learn from creation and don’t ever turn back

React from a wrong with right seek forgiveness

Pride will subside and Allah bears witness

To liars who believe they deceive when they cover

The hatred in their hearts with their words but what’s smothered is themselves

And the Truth is

They perceive not

Humble hearts seek forgiveness and foil evil plots

Prayer is protection from indecency

Heals the wounds of a sickness part of the Peace to be.


He was impressed with his shadow as it rose in the light

But he thought twice feeling insecure about his sight

What was seen by his pride was against the act of being

So he asked forgiveness for feeling high esteemed in his scenes

Of prostration… forgiveness for falling prey to the temptation

Of thinking he was worthy of some praise cause he prays

But the praise is only for The One to whom he prays

And only God knows who’s on the path and who’s astray

And the position and the path on the final day

Realizing death has yet to step through the gates

Barriers been penetrated so deceased is the state

As death departs and the angels have souls set to take

The sure reality’s reached and from that no escape

No coup or secret rendevous of which one can partake

Refuge is in the possession of Whom decides your fate

Pray that Mercy is bestowed to save souls from being abased