The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Seeing through the eyes of the slaves

When you pass mark the graves

They’re the home of the brave though their history was razed

Like Building 7 I’m shedding light by pointing out the Spade

And reading the Bill of Rights to see if true progress was made

In the past century ashes blown in the wind

Few gain recognition due to the tone of the skin

Those that capture the eyes

Know their foes have honed in

If the apes don’t rise

They’ll impose once again

Raise funds for the poor though it’s stored with foreign

Adversaries some countries are not observed as sovreign

And their doing it again

New Accounts get established

But the famished remain hungry

So what happened to the money?

Take advantage of a natural disaster to win

Passing by unmarked graves as the past meets the future again