Syrian Hajj

What if all the Syrian fighters stopped and went to Hajj?
‘exchanged all their arms for garments in ihram
Shelled out buildings vacant
Children at the border patient waiting for close relations to take them
Singly Facing the qiblah as one nation holding only one station
Slave of Allah
No raids and raising Hell in the desert sun no raging
Peace being spread in a cadence
till celebration of Eid And Sacrificing Hady
Zakat paid so lots made for the poor and big plates at the orphan’s door
Wish I could say labbayk
Allahuma labbayk
When the Syrians come together for Allah the Great!
And whatever hate
Is for Allah’s sake
Make Tawaf with a squad in masjid al haraam
no alarm from the black stone to Ibrahim’s maqam
Can you imagine when the stones get thrown?
At Arafat they pray for the prone back home
The Lone graves and the mass ditches
Soldiers cry reciting Suratul Buruj giving up they riches.
Fear the statement of Allah
So everybody crying making sincere taubah on yawmul Arafat.
Keeping the Eid just Salaam and tears
No fear of government to tear what Allah brings near.

‘The Whats’ from the SoapBox

Living in a world full of sin

Though it starts from within

Want to buy you off slow but layaway on your skin

Till the fire burns bright, The precious jewels glow

Shed the scum on the shores from what’s pure you should know

I got dough so illusionary flows revolutionary

Cameras close on a block known for obituaries

Home for the real and more aware

Cut by CO-IntelPro streets bleed and secede over here!

Old America!

Twinkled eyes blind in the cars just ahead of ya

’till they line Stars (celebrities) on the ‘vard (boulevard)

So what’s ours?

Never was, just these lines

So pull out the Soapbox, for believers the benefit’s we remind

On some off brand hold the wall tip holding all this raw spit

Cleaning dishes of thought and make sure they shine


Between the lines… I hear the cries

Of dying Syrian children with freedom in their eyes

Devoutly religious men who refuse suicide

Who lay down their lives trusting God and swallowing  pride


Dope fiend stares without care watching t.v. screens

Chuckle at adversity like this life doesn’t mean a thing

Spewing curse words as verbs

Contributing nothing but nerve

Hearts terrified so limbs react with Absurd and

Horrific acts justified by aristocrats

Reigning over fleeting time’s hard have to get it back

Chains branded, Mind Famished

Souls thirst to grind on the behinds of the blind like a sandwich

Peanut butter to that Jelly

You brothers are selly

Sully your honor, selling your soul

Live for the world but heaven’s the goal